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Welcome to the APBA Gaming Solutions Website

Welcome to a unique site for APBA board gamers!

This site is not affiliated with the APBA game company.

But please support the APBA game company by purchasing their products.

APBA CARD PRINTERS: These utilities allow you to format and print entire card sets from the information contained on APBA Dos and BBW Baseball disks and off all APBA Football disks.

APBA-LIKE BASEBALL CARD GENERATOR: This utility allows you to create cards from raw stats that are compatible with the APBA baseball game.  You don't need to own the APBA disk for that season. The cards are produced using formulas that I derived from careful study of the APBA basic game boards.  The cards have been critically analyzed by many prominent APBA game players who agree that the cards produced are as accurate or more accurate than official APBA cards.  These cards are not calculated using the official APBA formula.  Any similarity to actual APBA cards is purely coincidental. 

WIZARD'S ASSISTANT:  This program recalculates cards made by Wizard for Windows and the Bill James Encyclopedia into a format that allows you to print out cards for the board game.

Improve pitcher stats while maintaining the same simplicity of play you enjoy with APBA basic.

Also visit our affiliated website for free APBA utilities and card sets: